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Parental first aid training

Caring for a child is wonderful, but it comes with great responsibility. Particularly in emergency situations, it is important that you can remain calm and act correctly according to the situation.

This course is therefore especially aimed at parents-to-be or new parents. In three hours, we will go through the most important emergency situations in infancy and childhood with you. You will be given many opportunities to practice in order to build up practical skills. You are welcome to bring your child to the course.

In the First Aid for Children training, we particularly address the following topics:

  • The correct procedure in an emergency situation, making an emergency call and determining the exact location.
  • Unconscious children and the side position or prone position
  • Febrile convulsions
  • Inanimated children and resuscitation of infants and children - we have training phantoms with the latest visual feedback systems for this purpose.
  • Prevention of sudden infant death syndrome
  • Swallowing/airway obstruction by foreign bodies - practically with a training dummy that reacts realistically to your actions
  • Poisonings
  • Important diseases of the respiratory tract such as pseudo-croup syndrome, real croup and epiglottitis.

Since it is important to us that you will be able to provide first aid correctly and confidently after this course, our experienced and competent instructors are always available to answer questions. We will gladly respond to your wishes and topics of interest to you. Our promise to you is: Our instructors will not leave until all your questions have been answered. And of course, after the course, you will receive a handout in which you can review the contents of the course at any time.

Course details:

  • First aid for children training over three hours
  • Practice-oriented with many exercises
  • Instructors with medical experience from the rescue service
  • Kleine Gruppen
  • Kosten: 55,00 € pro Person inkl. USt. 
  • Gerne kommen wir auch zu Ihnen nach Hause für einen Pauschalbetrag von 460 € inkl. USt..

If you are interested in a course at your home, please contact us! We are also happy to come to you!

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